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One of my escorts

I’ve been telling everyone since I was a kid that there is ghost escorting me everywhere. People laughed at me tried to say I was crazy and mocked me. Well this ghost appeared on tape for those non-believers of my word. I’m in total spirit when I speak of the spirits, to be judged by people in total flesh. I’ll tell the ghost to visit you if you still believe.




Question? Do you think you have control of your mind and body?

Question? Do you attend church? Why?

Question? Who translates the bible for you to understand it?

Question? Does a person with a lot of time in the bible, have seniority?

Question? Have you encountered both good and evil things in your lifetime?

Question? Can bad be removed and be replaced with good?

Question? Can good be removed and be replaced with bad?

Question? Have you encountered a ghost or spirit? Yes or No?

Question? Have you had a vision that came to past?

Question? Have you heard a voice speak to you and what you were told came to pass?

Question? Can anyone tell anyone else if they truly encountered a spirit or ghost in their opinion?

Question? Age, young or old, encountering a ghost is it possible more in youth?

I, Paul Rand, did in fact encounter the spirit. I was in the middle of a party and the spirit moved on me and commanded me to proclaim that Christ has salvation. Though I am the chief of sin on planet Earth, I told the spirit, “I cannot proclaim that in  un-holiness”. The spirit moved on me commanded me that I can and will confess it. I said to the spirit, “because of my sin daily, no one will listen to me, get someone else”.  Today I still commit sin, in thought and deeds, but the spirit left me knowing, it will not totally dwell with me, but now can come on me anytime any place. I was given a spiritual key, it is still a mystery to me.